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Record a Scene

When you want to download a part of our Livestream or archive you could install a screen-recorder plug-in for your Browser. Our stream-archive is found above the chat, if you are logged-on at Livestream.com you should see a rectangle icon, click on it and you can watch and browse though our daily videos that have a length of 13 hour. First in the list is the video from Yesterday. As soon as the Livestream ends a new video is generated in the archive.

Here is a great solution to grab all you see on your screen and save or share it.
These are completely free to use and easy to setup.
Firefox (easy to install and use)

Or you could purchase software like Bandicam For Windows.

Watch on your TV

To watch the Livestream in your TV follow these instructions: Learn how

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Our Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/Voicesbenidorm